Stacy Bare

Director of Sierra Club Outdoors

Stacy Bare is a climber, mountaineer, and skier. Climbing helped Stacy recover from PTSD and readjustment issues from a year in Baghdad as a Civil Affairs Team Leader in the Army. He is the recipient of the Bronze Star for merit and a combat action badge in Baghdad as well … Read More

John Davis

Co-founder and Conservation Athlete Ambassador for Wildlands Network, Author

John Davis, a “tri-athlete meets John Muir” explorer, also is a founder of Wildlands Network, past editor of the widely respected Wild Earth magazine, writer, naturalist and conservationist. Throughout his career, this Adirondack native with an indomitable passion for nature has supported continental-size wildlife corridors called Wildways. His hope continues … Read More

Danny Giovale

Founder of Kahtoola

Danny Giovale founded Kahtoola in 1999 and is the president of the company.  Passionate about the outdoors and equally so about designing and making outdoor gear, he is closely involved with the product development and daily activities at Kahtoola.  He enjoys mountain adventures and spending time with his wife and … Read More

Kelly Burke

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Digital Campaigns

Kelly Burke builds the broad and diverse partnerships necessary to sustain wildlife, landscape corridors, and connections between people and wild nature.

Montana Johnson

Outreach Associate

Montana Johnson was born and raised under the California sun but made her move to Flagstaff, Arizona in 2011 to pursue an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science. She is passionate about the ways we communicate our environmental crisis and is dedicated to bridging the communication gap between climate science and … Read More