Jasmine Felipe

Youth Delegate of the Bears Ears Prayer Run Alliance at the 2018 UN Permanent Forum

Jasmine Felipe is from the Pueblo of Acoma, from the Sun Clan. Jasmine has advocated for Indigenous Peoples through a multitude of roles. She has championed the Violence Against Women Act in Washington D.C.; joined the resistance at Standing Rock as a Water Protector; and served as the youth delegate for the Bears Ears Prayer Run Alliance and the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples. She is also a traditional farmer and trapper and a proud cultural participant.

During Jasmine’s second year with the Leadership Institute’s Summer Policy Academy she was selected to visit with New Mexico’s State Representative, Martin Heinrich, in Washington D.C. and voice the concerns of Indigenous women across the U.S. There she advocated for the Violence Against Women Act with her fellow Pueblo youth activists and shared a brief discussion and special moment of prayer with Indigenous Women Rise co-founder, Deborah Parker.

In 2018, Jasmine participated as a prayer runner with the Bears Ears Prayer Run Alliance, relaying from Arizona to Utah and completing the run collectively in Bears Ears. Later, Jasmine represented her fellow prayer runners as the Youth Ambassador at the 2018 United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

After the U.N. Permanent Forum, Jasmine completed an internship focused on ancestral lands in Jemez Pueblo, NM, with the Southwest Conservation Corps. She focused her work on educating the public and youth about safety, pack-it-in and pack-it-out methodologies, archaeological sites, and traditional knowledge within Sante Fe National Forest. Today, Jasmine continues to share her knowledge regarding the sacred land of her ancestors.