Wildlands Network

IN 1991, WILDLANDS NETWORK EMBARKED ON A BOLD MISSION: to reconnect, restore, and rewild North America so that life in all its diversity can thrive. Our work has since catalyzed a dramatic shift in conservation, with parks and other protected areas serving as the building blocks for wildlands networks across the continent. Wildlands are places where wild nature presides. These lands give refuge to large carnivores and other animals that don’t fare well in human-dominated terrain, enabling wildlife populations to flourish and fulfill their ecological roles. Protected and connected, wildlands also allow natural processes like fire, carbon storage, and migrations to play out unencumbered—processes that give life to the land and the sea. People depend on wildlands, too, for ecological services and as a source of spiritual enrichment. Not only that, but they provide crucial habitat for humans and recreationists to roam

Conservation in Motion

CONSERVATION IN MOTION IS OUTDOOR ACTIVISM TO PRESERVE MOVEMENT. It is energized by the reach and excitement of the human-powered outdoor recreation community, rising together with conservationists and scientists to inspire people across North America who love wild places and outdoor adventure... to protect wild trails, wildlife corridors and the wild wide-ranging animals that need them, like grizzly and black bear, pronghorn and mule deer, wolf and wolverine. We believe that reconnected healthy ecosystems and wildlands not only benefit mountain lions, wolves, and other animals, but are crucial to the survival and livelihood of humans as well. The recreation industry's recent boom is a testament to the burgeoning desire to get outside and find our own #roomtoroam. As hikers, climbers, bikers, and lovers of wild places we forge relationships with these landscapes and often feel the desire to learn more about how to protect them. We not only want to play in these places, we also want to learn how to protect them.

The RumbleX

THE RUMBLEX, CONSERVATION ATHLETE RENDEZVOUS, IS WHERE PROFESSIONAL OUTDOOR ATHLETES MEET UP WITH DEDICATED CONSERVATIONISTS to share ideas about how to protect the wild places and wildlife we love—to join forces for Wild Nature while we discover our own wild natures. It is a place to experience the landscapes, learn about their surprising biodiversity, and develop practical tools to stand up for them together. This is also a place to form a community of support, to make friends who also love to play and protect wildness, and to find how you can be a stronger conservation athlete. Bring your family, dive into the land, and rewild your heart.

The Conservation Athlete

Professional outdoor athletes have an incredible voice that inspires, motivates, and captivates thousands. Increasingly, the places where they ply their art and craft in the United States, often on public lands and critical to our nation’s wildlife, are at risk. Many of these athletes tell us they want to do more to conserve these places and the wildness they hold, and they want to know how.

Preserving the Region

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