Photo: Robin Silver

#GetReadytoRumble! RumbleX~Spring Break

March 23-25, 2018
Blue River Wilderness Retreat, Gila National Forest, Arizona
(Stay tuned for the Annual RumbleX~Bears Ears)

We're taking the freshly emerging recreation & conservation partnership outside.
We'll play and protect while we're there, and exchange with inspirational people,
while spending time in the wild with our families and friends too.
We've started a RUMBLE... and at its heart it's about JOY!


Are you Ready to Rumble? Wildlands Network and Grand Canyon Wildlands, with RumbleX Conservation Athlete Rendezvous founding partner Kahtoola will kickoff 2018 celebrating the 50th anniversaries of the National Trails and Wild & Scenic Rivers systems and the 20th anniversary of Lobos in the wild. We invite brand athletes and their brands to a special intimate RumbleX Spring Break in the Gila—land of Aldo Leopold where the “green fire” in the eyes of a wild wolf changed history. We will groundtruth and bioblitz a river wildlife corridor, campout at the Blue River Wilderness Retreat, and together we will dive deep into Conservation in Motion - outdoor recreation powered advocacy to protect public lands wildlife corridors and our wild animals on the move - and to plan an Annual RumbleX for Bears Ears.

Professional outdoor athletes have an incredible voice that echoes far beyond their immediate communities and the environments where they perform. They inspire, they motivate, and they captivate thousands. When they speak, people listen. Their accomplishments—and the landscapes where they excel—are viewed by thousands through traditional and social media outlets as well as film and video. Increasingly, the places where they ply their art and craft in the United States, often on public lands and critical to our nation’s wildlife, are at risk. Many of these athletes tell us they want to do more to conserve these places and the wildness they hold, and they want to know how. 

What to expect

  • The Rumble X is a camping event, please bring your own gear and appropriate apparel for two nights of camping.

  • Weather at this time of year can be variable. We are hoping for sunny skies, but be prepared for cold, hot, and rain. The Southwest is a landscape of extremes.

  • Food will be provided for the event. We will do our best to accommodate diets, but you might have to provide your own if you have a special diet. 

  • This is a family friendly event. Please feel free to bring your family, but be sure to register them as well! We are limited on space and appreciate your help staying within our participant cap.


(Subject to change)

Friday March 23

Saturday March 24

  • Breakfast

  • Aldo Leopold Wildlife Corridor: discussion with Kelly Burke, Kim Crumbo, and guest speakers.

  • Bio Blitz with Senior Ecologist Larry StevensDay long rapid-fire assessment of all things ecological in the Lower San Francisco River corridor 

  • Dinner & Room to Roam Discussion: Conservation biology, the big wild, wildlife corridors, saving nature, and the alignment with outdoor adventure, with Dave Foreman and John Davis.

  • Campfire, storytelling, & music

Sunday March 25

  • Breakfast

  • Outdoor Advocacy Inspiration, opportunities and campaigns for building conservation athlete partnerships in the Gila region and across the Southwest, looking forward to RumbleX Bears Ears, with Kristen M. Caldon and conservation leaders.

  • Lunch, pack up gear.

  • Aldo Leopold's Legacy, visit the famous greenfire site.

  • Depart @ 2pm.