Kim Crumbo

Western Conservation Director for Wildlands Network, Director of Conservation for Grand Canyon Wildlands Council

Kim Crumbo, currently serves as Western Conservation Director for Wildlands Network and as Director of Conservation for Grand Canyon Wildlands Council. He strives to develop and maintain professional relationships with other conservation groups, legislators and their staff, and agency personal as well as general public interests. Also, he assists with … Read More

Dave Foreman

Dave Foreman is one of a handful of charismatic, creative leaders who have had major impacts on shaping the environmental and conservation movements of the last 30 years. Foreman began his environmental work with The Wilderness Society in the 1970s, first as Southwest Representative and then from the central DC … Read More

David R. Parsons

David Parsons received his Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology from Iowa State University and his Master of Science degree in Wildlife Ecology from Oregon State University. Dave is retired from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service where from 1990-1999 he led the USFWS’s effort to reintroduce … Read More

Dr. Larry Stevens

Curator of Ecology at the Museum of Northern Arizona, Senior Ecologist at the Grand Canyon Wildlands Council, & Coordinator at the Springs Stewardship Institute

Dr. Larry Stevens is an evolutionary ecologist and the Coordinator of the Museum of Northern Arizona’s new Springs Stewardship Institute, which is dedicated to improving understanding and stewardship of springs ecosystems. He also serves MNA as the Curator of Ecology, and is the Senior Ecologist for Grand Canyon Wildlands Council, … Read More

John Davis

Conservation Fellow, Rewilding Institute ~ Co-founder Wildlands Network, Author

John Davis, a “tri-athlete meets John Muir” explorer, also is a founder of Wildlands Network, past editor of the widely respected Wild Earth magazine, writer, naturalist and conservationist. Throughout his career, this Adirondack native with an indomitable passion for nature has supported continental-size wildlife corridors called Wildways. His hope continues … Read More

Kelly Burke

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Digital Campaigns, Wildlands Network ~ Executive Director, Grand Canyon Wildlands

Kelly Burke builds the broad and diverse partnerships necessary to sustain wildlife, landscape corridors, and connections between people and wild nature. She is a cofounder of Grand Canyon Wildlands and leads the effort there to save and heal the Grand Canyon region and its astonishing biodiversity.

Kristen Caldon

Photographic Explorer, RumbleX founding mentor

PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPLORER of the most dramatic and remote landscapes in the American West. Expeditionary, landscape, commercial, and technical documentary photography in Southwest USA and Grand Canyon. Specializing in wnvironmental, remote locations, and backcountry/wilderness photography. A Different Story: You would say Kristen M. Caldon is a little different from most: untamable … Read More